Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things are not looking up

I figured out the problem with this country and it is not the economy, the housing market, or the environment…it is simple, NO ONE knows what they are doing. People have jobs they are not trained for, kids they are not ready for, and lives they are not meant for. For a long time, we were doing okay pretending but it is all catching up to us…

Car companies are building cars that we don’t like, bridge people are building bridges that don’t stay up, and planes are falling out of the sky because of a flock of birds. Something is not right? This is never more evident than when you go to major chain stores likes Best Buy and Home Depot. What the hell is happening there and who runs these places?

This weekend I went to Best Buy to purchase a new computer because my mother, who is a self-proclaimed, self- taught, self-declared Techie told me it was time. I guess I need more space to store the hundreds of 10 second videos I have of my children doing things like waking up, eating, walking, talking, bathing, and going to the bathroom. What is funny is that those are the same things that annoy me each day, yet I seem to treasure when they are being played on a computer screen….interesting?

When I arrived at Best Buy, I was accosted by 5 eager people in blue shirts. Finally, the customer service I have been looking for! The good part was they each asked “can I help you with something” …the bad part is after my question each one of them looked at me kindly and said “let me go get someone who knows more about that.”

Think how much more effective they would be if they fired the people who didn’t know the answer and hired more of the people that did. If your only job is to go find someone, you should not be a Best Buy employee, you should be a Bounty Hunter. When they couldn’t find what I needed they got on their walkie talkies, spouted out some serial numbers and waited for the response. All I heard was, “yeah, we have 2 of them…somewhere.” This store is like 60,000 sq ft, what exactly does ‘somewhere’ mean. I asked about this and they said “this is how it works here.” Of course it does…God Bless America.


  1. You've brought me into the twitter and now blog world. What would I do without you....become obsolete I guess! :)

  2. and now i'm annoyed because it took me 5 times trying to retype the cryptic message sent to me to verify i really want to post. i think i'll go back to my boombox and old cassettes!